My name is Sifu Damien Crawford I have been studying Martial arts with Master John Garrett for 40 years I received my black -belt In shaolin wu-shu beside various styles of martial arts, I started doing tai-chi about twenty years ago. I was getting older I wasn’t competing any more and I couldn’t do the things I use to do as a young man. But I still wanted to keep my flexibility.  Master Garrett told me I should try Tai- chi he said I would keep my strength and my flexibility and it was healthier for me.

My biggest testimonial for tai-chi was last year.  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  I had to under go 45 days of radiation and 2 biopsies. My doctor told me that I would become weak in the last stages . I was nervous and scared I told Master Garrett.  He told me I should increase my tai -chi lessons and watch my diet . I practiced my tai-chi morning and night started walking more and swimming.

As I was going through my radiation treatments I didn’t feel tired.  I still kept up with my daily routine; I worked, took care my of son and father. I still had energy and I own it all to Tai-chi.

In closing, you have to believe in your self and its better then taking a whole bunch of pills and tai-chi has been around for centuries. thank you.

Sifu D. Crawford
Utica, NY

After I retired, I was looking for something to get involved in that was fitness related and low impact. I also had arthritis in my neck and hips that was starting to interfere with my daily quality of life. I had been doing research into Tai Chi and decided to give it a try at Garrett’s Tai Chi.

After less than two years of participation I experienced significant changes. I lost a substantial amount of weight (30 pounds), the pain in my hips started to decrease, and my blood pressure went down to around 115/60. I also noticed that my flexibility and balance also were improving. Due to the arthritis in my neck, I was experiencing numbness and pain in my arms and hands. These symptoms virtually went away!

At Garrett’s, along with the benefits that I received from Tai Chi, I was not just taught a number of different exercises, but also authentic Tai Chi routines.

Bernie F.
Schulyer, NY

My journey started over 25 years ago when I began my training in Wu shu Kung Fu. I trained hard and eventually earned the rank of Sifu, but I knew there was something missing in my martial arts training. I had the heart, the fighting spirit and an ego to match any black belt around, but I did not have Tai Chi. Sing Ong Tai Chi has helped me to become physically, mentally and spiritually stronger in all aspects of my martial arts training. What I was missing was the spirituality in my martial arts training. The deep breathing exercises in Sing Ong Tai Chi calms my spirit and helps relieve the stress in my life. I feel stronger in my martial arts now that anytime in my career of training. I also believe that Sing Ong Tai Chi has helped strengthen my bone structure. Last but not least, I think that Tai Chi will help me to stay relevant in the martial arts for years to come.

Sifu L. Cross
Utica, NY

I have been studying with Master Garrett for 17 years.  Tai Chi has become a part of my life, providing balance, flexibility and strength that is a great benefit in maintaining my overall well being.

Nancy J.
Poland, NY

I have been studying with Master Garrett for almost 18 months now.  I can only say the program has been a Godsend.  When I started I could barely walk, and I mostly used a rollator to get around. I was almost always in pain and I had to sit for the whole class.

Now, I use a cane, I move better, have much greater flexibility, balance and range of motion. Even my chiropractor and pain management specialist noticed! Plus, I can do the whole first section of the form standing and, most of all, my pain has decreased tremendously!

I highly recommend John Garrett Martial Arts because he teaches authentic Tai Chi, not just Tai Chi movement exercises and it makes a huge difference.

Pam H.
Utica, NY

I have been taking Tai Chi from Master Garrett since 1999.  Tai Chi has been a positive influence for me, keeping my mind and body active, and helping me through some stressful times in my life.

I had a car accident a few years ago and taking Tai Chi with Master Garrett helped me work through getting my mobility back through out my neck, back and legs. Taking Tai Chi class with Master Garrett has been one of the most rewarding things I have done and will continue to do in my life.  Tai Chi has helped me not only with my mobility but in times of stress and anxiety through out my eighteen years of taking Tai Chi with Master Garrett.

Theresa N.
Rome, NY