Martial Arts Training Center
For Health, Discipline, Self-Defense

Tai Chi Chuan

Master Instructor, John Garrett-Lao Shi’, offers traditional instruction in Sing Ong Tai Chi.   Tai Chi Chuan offers low impact, non-competitive exercise which incorporates an inner focus, and is believed to help enhance and maintain optimal health and longevity as well as self-defense.  Learn More . . .

HUPKWONDO – Advanced Taekwon-Do

Taekwon-do is offered for both adults and children. Children get great character development from martial arts training and learn discipline, self-defense and confidence.  Learn More . . .

Women’s Fitness

Fitness kickboxing that focus on fun, cardio, weight loss and toning, plus effective self-defense techniques!  Women only.   Learn More . . .

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