Taekwondo & Hupkwondo

At John Garrett Martial Arts we teach an advanced form of Taekwondo called Hupkwondo.  Hupkwondo was founded in 1999 by Grandmaster James Lim.

What is Hupkwondo?

Hupkwondo is a different way of punching and kicking that is more compact and less stressful on the joints. It follows through with shorter, more natural strikes and is both quicker and more powerful than traditional Taekwondo.

This martial art form focuses on an eight direction pattern that allows the practitioner to both defend and attack in every direction without missing a beat. It also allows easier adjustments from offense to defense as needed.

In short – Hupkwondo is an effective self-defense tool that’s made for real life situations. That means you can use it on the street,  to get out of a hostile situation when needed, even against seasoned street fighters.

Many martial arts are ineffective on the streets because they are designed with competition in mind, impressing judges and winning tournaments . . . Hupkwondo is about self-defense. This means the prize you win is safety and self-confidence.

Benefits of Hupkwondo

  •  Great Physical Conditioning
  • Self-Confidence
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Humility
  • Discipline
  • Courage

    Anyone Can Learn

Hupkwondo can be learned by anyone willing to put in the effort regardless of current physical condition or ability, gender, size, age, or personal disposition.

Athletic ability is of course helpful, but it is not necessary, even if you are completely inflexible and/or uncoordinated, you can learn and master the art of Hupwondo.

Family Friendly

At John Garrett Martial Arts we’re family friendly.  No intimidation allowed.  In fact, we stress the idea that being a good martial artist is about more than throwing punches and kicks.  We believe in the tenets of good character. People who exhibit these traits work to avoid unnecessary conflicts, petty arguments and fights.

It’s more impressive to talk your way out of a bad situation than to punch your way out. Our student get that.

One More Thing . . .

The truth is there’s nothing mysterious or spooky about earning a black belt. It simply requires dedication, hard work and discipline.

You don’t become superman, or woman because you earn a black belt . . . you become a skilled martial artist. We want to help as many as our students who desire it, to reach that level.

And we believe anyone can do it, especially using Hupkwondo.


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