About Our Founder

Grandmaster James Lim was born in Kedah, Malaysia. He has been studying Taewondo since the age of fourteen.  Grandmaster Lim studied under Master Choi Chang Kuen in Penang, Malaysia.

Taekwondo has been a life long passion. He served as the director of the International Taekwondo Federation and chairman of their  technical committee. In this position, Master Lim officiated countless world championship tournaments.

Master Lim served faithfully under General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwondo, for 25 years, before finally  going out on his own.

Master Lim has been operating a successful school in Laval, Quebec, since 1975.

His vast experience with martial arts and Taekwondo specifically, has given him a secure foundation and an expertise that has contributed greatly to the development of Hupkwondo. This art form is the creation of a man who has dedicated his life to martial arts and knows his craft thoroughly; a man who has built champions and produced many masters.